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TAG Fleet Management & Security capabilities

The TAG Agriculture has been specifically designed to bring all of the TAG Fleet Management & Security capabilities to any piece of Turf equipment or utility vehicle.

With the TAG Agriculture installed, the Superintendent is able to track, control, and compile comprehensive data on the vehicle through the TAG Agriculture interface, accessible from any web browser or mobile device. The TAG Agriculture also has the same award winning security protection that made it the number one selling back end solution in the golf industry.

Operating equipment and using staff resources efficiently improves the bottom line. The TAG Agriculture is designed to help the operator do both by providing extensive reporting on vehicle activity that can be customized to the specific needs of the operation.

The same award winning technology that has become the number one back end management system for the Golf Industry can bring those same benefits of reduced labor costs and increased security & safety to your commercial vehicles.

The TAG can be installed on any vehicle gas or electric in your fleet and whether it’s five or five hundred no additional hardware or software is required. TAG is available for one low monthly vehicle cost that ensures you get a good return on your investment.

Installing the TAG removes the guesswork from managing your vehicles and gives you to the tools to analyze fleet operations so you can make informed decisions on routes, maintenance requirements, driver behavior; any number of things that can add to your variable costs. You will always know what is happening with anywhere/anytime access from any web enabled computer, smartphone or tablet.

The TAG also gives you peace of mind with Digital Security Guard features that protect your fleet from theft and vandalism 24/7/365. A Fleet Solutions Specialist is available in your area to help identify how the TAG System can benefit your operation.

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