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Reliable fuel supply to drive your business forward

Switching to biodiesel today can help you lower your carbon emissions.

To support the Canadian Government’s commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, all industries and sectors are making changes and adapting new practices to their operations to lower their net emissions. Many businesses in the energy and fuel sector are already taking steps to lower their emissions, and the transition to net-zero will influence how companies chose to operate in the future.

Canada’s Clean Fuel Regulations and the Federal Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act have changed the standard for the carbon content of fuels and set a requirement to the fuel used by the trucking industry. These regulations have introduced new standards to be implemented across to the fuel industry, for example all diesel in the Ontario market require a 4% biodiesel blend, and the percentage of bio content is predicted to continue to rise in the future.

Leveraging their international experience in renewables and biofuels, fuel supplier Greenergy are supporting their customers to navigate the changing regulations and supporting the energy transition. Early adoption of lower carbon fuels ensures companies are at the forefront of environmental, social and governance mandates.

Biodiesel expertise benefits the trucking industry

For more than 30 years, Greenergy has been supplying its customers with low carbon fuels, growing to become Europe’s largest manufacturer of waste-based biodiesel operating two plants in the UK and one in the Netherlands.

Since entering the Canadian market in 2013, Greenergy expanded its supply infrastructure with a focus on bringing quality, reliable, low-cost fuels close to its customers. Greenergy also operates a leading national gas and convenience station network under a portfolio of brands with 250+ locations nationwide, with select station locations offering lower-carbon fuels.

Mike Healey, VP Commercial and Business Development, says “Our unique infrastructure and expertise in the waste-derived biofuels allows our team to support customers switching to a reliable, low-cost and lower carbon fuel supply that meet government standards and reduce emissions from their operations.”

Greenergy supplies the Canadian market with a range of road fuels including higher percentage biodiesel blends that offer immediate reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Canadian fleet operators and truckers switching to Greenergy will not only experience a reliable supply of lower-carbon fuels, but also receive support on every aspect of switching to biodiesel, including:

  • An experienced team of experts available to navigate the regulatory changes;
  • A wide range of higher percentage biodiesel-blends to help customers reduce their carbon emissions;
  • A global supply chain and infrastructure that provides Greenergy flexibility to source products for its customers;
  • Quality fuels, continually tested and verified by third-party laboratories;
  • Fuel management solutions for customers including fuel tanks and remote monitoring for on-site storage facilities;
  • Competitive pricing and a commitment to excellent customer service.

Making the switch to biodiesel

Blending biodiesel into diesel helps displace fossil diesel and reduce carbon emissions, Mike Healey explains “Greenergy can aid customers to make the switch from regular diesel to higher biodiesel blends by providing a range of blended product to meet customer’s needs and support them in meeting their net zero targets.

“On top of the greenhouse gas emission reduction companies can report, some of our customers who are not tax-exempt for diesel purchases have also saved almost $100,000 by switching 4 million litres of their diesel volume to B20. We are committed to supporting our customers through the entire process, from guidance on filtration management, customer communication and government reporting,” Mike Healey adds.

Biodiesel can be used in existing and new diesel vehicles without any engine modifications. It can be used to fuel on-road diesel engines including fleet vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, transit and city buses. Greenergy advises reviewing the vehicles Original Equipment Manufacturers manual before fueling your vehicle with a high percentage biofuel.

Get in touch with us

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