Ferrari has revealed its long-awaited first SUV: the Purosangue.

Fitted with the Ferrari fundamentals, including a front-mid-mounted V12, the Italian firm says this “FUV” (Ferrari utility vehicle) is still “a true sports car”.

But where does this 715bhp, £390,000 four-door, four-seat sit in the automotive spectrum?

Our testers discuss:


The thing that has always struck me about Ferrari is how extremely successful it has been at making its new models feel different from rivals: special steering feel, special sounds, special responses from the foot controls, even special seats.

When we first saw the FF, a very different car from the others in the range at the time, it was readily apparent just how much it still felt like a Ferrari.

So I would back Ferrari to keep its family character feel, even in a vehicle of a brand new format.

Chuck in the good parts of crossoverdom – space, comfort, convenience and easy access – and I’m pretty confident that we’re looking at an extremely good car. Especially since latecomer Ferrari will have learned much from the experiences and the mistakes of others.