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Ogilvie Fleet drives increased number of service bookings online with new epyx module

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INCREASED numbers of service, maintenance and repair (SMR) bookings are being made online by drivers of company cars and vans leased by Ogilvie Fleet thanks to a new product from epyx.

The Driver Booking Module enables users to contact garages directly using any mobile device or computer and nominate up to three potential appointment dates from within a defined network, which will then be confirmed by the service provider.

All communication between driver and garage – including initial bookings, amendments, cancellations and other queries – occurs directly through the module without the need for any fleet intervention.

The module can be adopted by any fleet that uses epyx’s 1link Service Network, totalling four million vehicles, to manage their SMR requirements – but Ogilvie is the first to implement.

The whole booking process takes place within a rules engine in the platform, leaving fleets in complete control of key cost and safety parameters ranging from supplier choice to automatic job authorisation spending limits.

Gavin Clisby, operations manager at Ogilvie Fleet, said: “We manage SMR for around 20,000 vehicles using 1link Service Network, so the ability for drivers to book direct online using the new module is a real advantage for us.

“epyx offered a previous online booking solution but the new version is a genuine step forward, being much more mobile-friendly and able to integrate directly with the Ogilvie Happy Drivers app.”

He added that there had been a much increased demand for drivers to book online during the past year or two. “This is a trend that has probably been accelerated by the pandemic. We are now living in a much more online and connected world, and drivers very much value the option to make their SMR booking digitally.

“It also enables us to make better use of our office resources. Taking manual bookings is very time consuming and labour intensive. The Driver Booking Module means we can use those people better elsewhere.

“We can see that telephone traffic has reduced and are also being told by our client fleet managers that self-serve booking of this type is enabling them to work more efficiently.”

Debbie Fox, commercial director at epyx, said: “The Driver Booking Module is the first step in a new series of digitisation products from epyx, so we are delighted to see that it is working so well in real world conditions for Ogilvie.”

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