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New Rally Adventure Kit from Adventure-Bike.Be

“Rally Raid Looks and Functionality For Less”

New Addition to Fit All Huskie 701 (Post-2008) and KTM 690 Models

Adventure-Bike.Be has just come out with an all-encompassing Rally Adventure kit for the Husqvarna 701 and KTM 690 – and we’re loving the budget-friendly quality.

The report from ADVPulse states that the Belgian company started up a mere two years ago, and already touts kits for the KTM 390, 790 and 890 Adventure, Yamaha’s Tenere 700, “as well as universal kits that will fit a range of different dual sport bikes.”

Best part about these kits? They appear to be relatively well-made, and they’re extremely affordable – especially compared to the multi-thousand units available from the competition.

A view of the new Rally Adventure Kit from AdventureBike.Be

We’re told that the kit for the Huskie 701 / KTM 690 will have “an introductory price of $792 USD (€699 Euro)”, and that “the price will go up to $905 USD (€799 Euro) January 14, 2022.”

In plain speak, we recommend you hunker down and order the darned thing before you’re jumped an extra $113 USD just for twiddling your thumbs too long.

Here’s what you get for the effort, according to the official website:

Adventure-Bike.Be 701 Rally Kit

A view of the new Rally Adventure Kit from AdventureBike.Be

12MM bar

“allows you to install all the equipment and navigation you like.”

“It’s possible to add GPS, Carpe Iter, Roadbook and tripmeter”

“Pre-drilled hole[s] for adding 12V USB plugs”

A view of the new Rally Adventure Kit from AdventureBike.Be

2 LED lights

Low beam : 2x25W

High beam : 2x25W pumping 3000 lumen each

“The lights are all pre-made and pre-mounted so you will only have to plug it in.”

A view of the new Rally Adventure Kit from AdventureBike.Be


“Made from LEXAN ( Polycarbonate ) which is very flexible and incredibly strong.” 

“Made out of two seperate pieces. Above the LED lights you can easily remove it

to make it easier to clean or work on.”

*Each kit will be powdercoated black. It’s a strong kind of paint which will withstand the hard cirumstances.*

Eager to try the kit out? We’re told that they also provide worldwide shipping – head over to their website for more information, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for the best of the best handed to your inbox twice a week, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.

*All media sourced from AdventureBike.Be’s official website*

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