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New Graco Turn2Me child car seat review


The Graco Turn2Me is a versatile car seat that is suitable from birth right up until four years of age. It’s easy to install, simple to use and comes with plenty of features to make parenting life that little bit easier. 

The Graco Turn2Me is a 360 degree rotating (rearward and forward facing) group 0+/1 seat suitable for children up to four years of age or 18kg.

The standard Isofix connectors and height adjustable load leg make it simple to fit straight out of the box. After placing the seat inside the vehicle the Isofix connectors are easily adjusted by the buttons on the side of the seat. The connecting arms are linked and slide together making alignment and connection easy compared to other makes where the connecting arms move independently or each other. This can make it slightly harder to align the seat correctly.

Once connected to the Isofox anchors in your vehicle, the seat can very easily be adjusted forwards or backwards depending on how much leg room is required in either the forward or rearward facing position.

Placing and setting the load leg is simple and it can be adjusted up to 12 different height positions which makes it ideal for any make and model of vehicle. Like other makes of seat, the Turn2Me has an adjustable seat incline. This one can tilt through up to five different recline positions and is operated by the tilt button located under your child’s feet.

The seat rotates easily and smoothly through 360. The only slight improvement that could be made in this area would to re-position the rotation button, which is situated directly underneath the tilt button. When the seat is used in the rearward facing configuration, the rotate button can be a little difficult to find at first and it is possible to reach the wrong lever and tilt the seat instead.

Seats manufactured by competitors feature a rotation level/button on each side of the seat which makes use of rotation mechanism slightly easier to operate when standing side on however, once you get used to it, it becomes easier to find. Moving the seat base forward slightly helps by allowing more room to reach down between the seat back and car seat.

Being suitable for children from birth the seat comes with an infant insert for use with children up to six months of age, which is easily removable. 

The restraint harness is easy to adjust, fasten and tighten. One area where the Turn2Me performs slightly better than some competitors is with the elasticated loops that are placed high up on the sides of the seat. With other makes of seat it is possible for your little one to end up sat on the straps and buckles when placed into the seat but with the Turn2Me the loop placement ensures that the metal buckles are kept well out of the way.

Overall, for the price point, the seat is a good buy being easy to fit and very good value.

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