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MV Agusta’s LXP Is A Top-Shelf E-Gravel Bike For Those With Deep Pockets

If any of you guys are motorcycle enthusiasts, chances are you’re familiar with MV Agusta. MV Agusta is a boutique Italian motorcycle manufacturer that befittingly has “Motorcycle Art” as its slogan. Indeed, the brand has some of the most beautiful motorcycles in its repertoire, and not to mention some of the most performance-oriented two-wheelers out there.

Being an avid motorcyclist myself, and having ridden nearly all of MV Agusta’s models, I can say without a doubt that their motorcycles are in a league of their own. Interestingly, however, we’re not here to talk about MV Agusta’s motorcycles, but instead, one of their new electric bicycles, the LXP E-Gravel. Just for a bit of context, during the 2021 edition of EICMA, the biggest motorcycle show in the world held in Milan, Italy, MV Agusta unveiled the Lucky Explorer project, an initiative geared towards bringing the spirit of rally to the modern age. Apart from two adventure motorcycles, a range of electric bicycles was also launched.

The LXP E-Gravel is one of those, and in true MV Agusta fashion, it flaunts the latest and greatest the brand has to offer. From the get-go, it’s clear that the LXP isn’t your ordinary gravel bike designed for casual riders. Instead, it wants to be a full-on, competition-spec electric gravel bike with the best and brightest in terms of componentry on display. For starters, it features a full carbon-fiber frame allowing it to have a total weight of 13.4 kilograms. Sure, this isn’t exactly the lightest in the market, but MV Agusta throws in a few comfort-oriented features into the mix.

Yes, this gravel bike includes a suspension fork—but not just any old suspension fork. MV Agusta turned to none other than Fox to supply the 32K Float fork to smooth out any road imperfections and make the singletracks just a tad more bearable on longer rides. Of course, being the Italian steed that this is, the LXP is outfitted with a 1×13 Campagnolo drivetrain. Indeed, all these specs are thoroughly impressive, but we haven’t even touched on the powertrain yet.

MV Agusta’s LXP Is A Top-Shelf E-Gravel Bike For Those With Deep Pockets
MV Agusta’s LXP Is A Top-Shelf E-Gravel Bike For Those With Deep Pockets

The LXP is equipped with a Mahle X20 motor that’s been beefed up to 350W. Pair this with a 350watt-hour battery, and you’re looking at a range of approximately 87 miles on a single charge, provided that you avoid any steep climbs and technical sections of trail. Now, MV Agusta doesn’t disclose the official price tag of the LXP E-Gravel bike, however, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if this fancy machine commands upwards of $7,000 USD. If you are adamant on adding this bike to your collection, a link to get in touch with MV Agusta’s sales team can be found below.

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