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Leasing fleets look to third parties to power digitalisation strategies

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MAJOR car and van leasing fleets are increasingly looking to third party suppliers to power the digitalisation strategies they want to pursue over the next few years, epyx is reporting.

Debbie Fox, Commercial Director, said these lessors were keen to pursue transformative strategies that would help them become genuine all-round mobility providers but that the demands were too great for their in-house development resources.

She said: “It is no secret that major leasing companies believe that their future lies in becoming mobility providers for whom the fleet is just one part of a business transport portfolio that encompasses everything from e-bikes to car clubs to trains.

“However, creating the technology required to integrate these offerings in such a way that they are easily accessible by the end user is a considerable task and, at the end of the day, most lessors are vehicle asset experts rather than having any IT specialisation.

“What we are seeing at the moment, as a result, is many conversations going on between leasing companies and industry technology providers to work out how to bridge that gap.

“Certainly, epyx is part of those dialogues but, we are aware, so are several other major businesses. It’s quite an exciting moment and one that could see companies like ourselves, which have traditionally created the technological infrastructure around fleet operations, expand our capabilities to provide extremely advanced mobility solutions.”

Fox said that epyx was confident that it could provide the kind of technology required for mobility solutions because its core expertise lay in process management.

“We’ve always been very open about the fact that, as a company, we are not fleet experts in the traditional sense. Our specialism instead lies in creating processes that meet the needs of fleet operators, their drivers, and their suppliers.

“Extending this thinking to mobility solutions such as car club and e-bike provision is no great leap. It is very much a logical extension of the services that we already provide to fleets in areas such as maintenance, car hire and remarketing.

“Conversations with leasing companies are ongoing and we are hopeful that 2022 will see these initial dialogues lead to the first wave of new deals in this area.”

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