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Jeep reveals 2022 Grand Cherokee plug-in hybrid, teases future tech for off-road brand

Jeep plans electrified versions of its entire lineup by 2025, and on Thursday the brand revealed an important part of that: a Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe.

Although the brand didn’t yet reveal specs for electric range or fuel economy for the new plug-in, it plans to provide an official premiere for the model at the New York auto show next month, alongside the rest of the Grand Cherokee lineup. 

The plug-in hybrid also serves as a reveal of the Grand Cherokee in its standard-wheelbase style, following the Grand Cherokee L that bowed earlier this summer, with a wheelbase that’s 15.1 inches longer.

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe

The Jeep Wrangler 4xe is the only other Jeep plug-in hybrid currently available in the U.S. It comes rated at 22 electric miles and 20 mpg in hybrid mode, provided by a rather large 17.3-kwh battery pack that makes it eligible for the full $7,500 EV tax credit. The system has been designed so as to reap the advantages of electric-motor torque in off-road situations in a way no other vehicle has yet—until the arrival of electric trucks such as the GMC Hummer EV and Rivian R1S. 

Jeep currently emphasizes plug-in hybrids in its lineup for Europe, which says that by 2025, 70% of its vehicles sold will be electrified, and Wagoneer will soon include a 4xe model in “the most profitable premium SUV segment.”

Future Jeep EV - 2021 Stellantis EV Day

Future Jeep EV – 2021 Stellantis EV Day

EVs are the other part of that, and while Jeep didn’t give any specific timelines for other models in Thursday’s presentations, focusing around the parent company Stellantis launching a $35B pivot to electrified vehicles, it did show several potential future electric Jeeps, although Jeep has suggested that an all-electric model might not arrive until 2024 or so. 

Plugging in isn’t the only piece of futuristic tech Jeep envisions in its models this decade. In a video (embedded below), it tipped us to autonomous off-roading, drone pairing, and other future pairings.

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