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Indiana: Janus Motorcycles Among the Finalists in “Coolest Thing Made in Indiana” Contest

Janus Motorcycles has gone and entered themselves into a ‘Coolest Thing Made in Indiana’ tournament sponsored by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce – and the next few days will determine the finalists.

The report from ElkhartTruth states that the tournament is currently in its 16th round, with the finals being determined by Valentines Day, February 14th, in less than a month.

We’ve been keeping a weather eye out for this brand for a while now. Slotted in the niche that is classic motorcycle builds, Janus Motorcycles aims to create “simple, beautiful machines that are a joy to ride,” with their two current beasties – the Halcyon 250 & Halcyon 450 as well as the Gryffin 250 – booked up and pre-ordered to the nines.

A view of the motorcycles available from Janus Motorcycles

“We draw on the Northern Indiana spirit of manufacturing to create hand-built, personal, unique, and relatable products, utilizing our global marketplace to source reliable, tried-and-true components,” states the company on the competition website.

“We build to order and sell directly to our riders in all 50 states, cultivating a connection with each and every owner.”

With their company being the only one on a list of many for the ‘Coolest Thing Made in Indiana’ tournament, be sure to vote online before the deadline is up.

A view of the motorcycles available from Janus Motorcycles

Here’s a few additional details about the competition, courtesy of the tourney website:

Voting tips off January 10 and concludes February 14.

Round 1: Week of January 10 (at 8 a.m.*; closes 11:59 p.m. Sunday)

Round 2: Week of January 17 (at 8 a.m.; closes 10:00 p.m. Sunday)

Round 3: Week of January 24 (at 8 a.m.; closes 10:00 p.m. Sunday)

Round 4: Week of January 31 (at 8 a.m.; closes 10:00 p.m. Sunday)

Semis: February 7-9 (at 8 a.m.; closes 10:00 p.m. Wednesday)

Finals: February 10-14 (at 8 a.m.; closes 10:00 p.m. Monday)

Champion announced February 15 at our Chamber Day Dinner.

A view of the motorcycles available from Janus Motorcycles

Looking to demo one of their stylish scoots? Janus now apparently has a ‘demoship’ where you can swing a leg over and give one of their machines a ride.

Be sure to check out their official webpage for more information on their available machines, take a peek at the current standings of the competition in the display below, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.

*All media sourced from Janus Motorcycles’ Social media platform*

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