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Future-Proof Your Course with the Vantage Company

Vantage TAG Systems is happy to introduce a program for all golf courses seeking pathways to restore revenue during Covid-19 Social Distancing Protocols, which will be in place for some time. This game-changing product can help future-proof your course and be rolled out at ZERO COST* to you.


  • Increase revenue for your course with ZERO costs*
  • Much longer battery life. Up to six rounds on a single charge.
  • Terrific club publicity
  • Each PACER comes factory equipped with the Vantage TAG System, and is upgradable to the Vantage Infinity
  • Screen at any time. (The Infinity Screen offers additional revenue opportunities).


  • Social Distancing, single rider carts.
  • Reduce germs / contamination.
  • Faster pace of play
  • Offers an outdoor experience to people tired of being cooped up inside.
  • Exercise, family enjoyment.
  • Good for mental health.

The Future is Electric-Imperium Motor Company

The automotive industry is on the brink of evolution, and we intend to lead the way. Introducing Imperium Motor Company, a subsidiary of DSG Global Inc. and the EV brand that offers a diverse range of reasonably priced, fast charging electric vehicles best suited to the American market. With an emphasis on aerodynamic design, a green mindset, performance, and functionality, our collection of automobiles includes High Speed, Mid Speed, and Low-Speed electric vehicles. The range comprises Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Vans, Buses, and Scooters.

Whether you need an EV for short drives around the city or longer journeys, we ensure our best affordable electric car collection leaves little to desire. We guarantee every trip will be comfortable and convenient!

Visit our web site: https://vantage-tag.com/

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