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EV deliveries – the charging headache

THE EV revolution is creating significant challenges to single vehicle deliveries because of longer ‘refuelling’ times.

National vehicle movement and inspection firm, DMN Logistics said that trade plate logistics is a well-established sector within the automotive industry and has largely remained unchanged for decades. However, with shorter driving ranges on a charge than a traditional petrol or diesel car, longer ‘refuelling’ times, and heavier vehicles thanks to the battery weight, EVs pose many challenges.

The company has produced a white paper to support the industry adapt its process and systems and understand the requirements and complexities of moving both cars and commercial vehicles by road.

When delivering EVs drivers have to adapt to new systems, and potentially new ways of driving to increase efficiency and reduce logistics costs.

They also need to understand how to confidently use a variety of charge points, the access requirements of different networks (a variety of apps), charging times applicable to each vehicle and charger type, and the impacts factors such as weather, load, and terrain can have on driving range.

However, there are potential upsides that can make delivering vehicles more efficient, such as, multi-fuel cards that incorporate public EV charging networks into accounts and EV-focused driver training specialising in expanding drivers’ knowledge and effective handover requirements.

Nick Chadaway, managing director at DMN Logistics said, “Establishing a successful EV logistics plan can prove challenging, however, there are significant upsides, which with best practice solutions will prove invaluable, both now and in the future. Our White Paper highlights all the EV challenges the logistics sector is facing and potential solutions.

“We understand the challenges facing the sector, but it’s important to embrace them so that, as a sector, we can provide the best possible service to our clients once the switch is complete.

“At DMN we have listened to our clients and embraced the development of our team, system and support processes to ensure we have a seamless transition from ICE to the new world of EV logistics.”

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