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Ducati updates the Multistrada V4 adv-tourer

Photo: Ducati

The Ducati Multistrada V4 sees some changes this year—nothing major, but now the bike should fit a wider range of riders, there’s a new set of robust luggage available, there’s a new colour scheme, and the infotainment system sees some updates as well.

Probably the biggest changes come to the electronically-managed suspension system, which seems to only be available for the Multistrada V4 S at this point. For 2022 models, there’s a new adaptive ride height system available. Ducati officially calls this system Minimum Preload, and at low speeds or stop signs, this semi-active system, this drops the suspension, making the bike easier to handle and also making it easier for riders to put a foot down.

Photo: Ducati
Photo: Ducati

Ducati also has a new lowered suspension option for the Multi, including springs for the front fork and rear shock, dropping the seat by 20 mm. Combined with the lowered seat option, this means riders can shave as much as 50 mm off the bike’s seat height.

The new luggage system is a joint project between Ducati (which designed the top box and side bags) and Givi (Ducati says Givi “collaborated” on the project, and we’d assume this means Givi actually builds the luggage). The new luggage is made of aluminum, which should be much more robust than plastic bags, the usual OEM luggage option for road-oriented adventure bikes. Ducati also offers a set of weatherproof liners, giving the bags’ contents more protection from rain and dust while also making it easy to unpack/repack at hotel stops.

Capacity is 76 liters for the saddlebags (combined), and 41 liters for the top box.

Photo: Ducati
Photo: Ducati

Ducati also offers changes to the bike’s infotainment system, but the press release doesn’t really say much about it:

Another important software update concerns the interaction between the rider and the bike, which is now more functional thanks to the improvements implemented in the Infotainment (Ducati Connect) and HMI (Human-Machine Interface) areas.

The new package of updates is available both as a standard feature on new motorcycles and free of charge for those who already own a Multistrada V4 S, confirming the continuous attention that the Bologna-based manufacturer reserves for its enthusiasts. Multistrada owners who can take advantage of these new features will be contacted gradually through the MyDucati App and via email, starting March 15, to go to their trusted Ducati Service to receive the updates.”

When those updates are revealed, at least existing V4 owners can take advantage of the updates, then.

Photo: Ducati

Ducati also announced a new Iceberg White paint scheme that will become available for Canadian customers in Q3 of this year. Find more deets at Ducati’s Canadian website!

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