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Deal of the Week: Select ADV/Touring Gloves Over 30% Off!

We focused on V-twin jackets last week—so this week, we’ve got a little something aimed squarely at the ADV/touring crowd. And we’ve got a feeling you’ll be giving these products two well-protected thumbs up—because this week’s featured deals are all on motorcycle gloves.

Revzilla currently has some excellent deals on ADV/touring gloves, and we’ve listed our favourites below. To see even more, click here.

Select Men’s ADV/Touring Gloves Over 30% Off

Joe Rocket GPX 2.0 Gloves

Regular Price: $79.99, Sale Price: $47.99 (30% Off)

These gloves took the already-popular design of Joe Rocket’s GPX track-level gloves and updated them for street riding. By replacing cowhide with goat skin, the GPX 2.0 gloves offer superior tactile response and comfort, without losing the robust protection offered by their predecessors.

They’re also made in a full gauntlet style, so your wrists will get the same awesome protection as your hands and fingers. And with impact-absorbing materials on the thumbs and the backs of the fingers, you won’t have to worry (as much) about landing the wrong way in a fall.

Check it out at Revzilla

Held Jockey Gloves

Held Jockey Gloves

Regular Price: $55.00, Sale Price: $24.99 (30% Off)

Simple, straightforward, and slick-as-all-hell, these unassuming but elegant touring gloves are perfect for long trips on your Goldwing or Road King. Made from soft but sturdy cowhide, these gloves will help save you some serious skin in a slide—and they have a special seam inside to help you enhance your feel while avoiding pressure points.

You won’t find tons of elaborate features here—there’s no liner, so these are best for touring in warmer weather, and there’s not much in the way of armor, apart from the leather itself. But for only $25, the Jockey Gloves are some of the nicest-looking and -feeling touring gloves you can buy right now. We’d sure pony up for them.

Check it out at Revzilla

Spidi Ranger LT Gloves

Spidi Ranger LT Gloves

Regular Price: $109.90, Sale Price: $76.93 (30% Off)

A goat leather shell for abrasion resistance, and a comfortable Clarino palm? Sign us up for the Spidi Ranger LT Gloves, which also come with hard knuckles and a Warrior Tech palm slider for added safety.

Yeah, they might look a little “Robocop”—but hey, that might be your jam. And if it is, you’ll find these gloves to be a sharp and practical addition to your kit. Accordion inserts on the fingers keep you comfortable gripping the bars, too—so these are a great choice for both rough ADV riding and longer trips.

Check it out at Revzilla

BMW EnduroGuard 2-in-1 Gore-Tex Gloves

BMW EnduroGuard 2 in 1 Gore Tex Gloves

Regular Price: $229.90, Sale Price: $149.00 (35% Off)

Yeah, they’re the priciest gloves on this list, but with all the features they offer, you’ll be happy to spend the money (especially when they’re 35% off!). You get two chambers for use in different weather conditions, making these appropriate for warmth, wind, wet—whatever.

BMW’s typical high-quality craftsmanship is on full display here too; the upper portions of these gloves are made from a mix of abrasion-resistant cowhide and super-durable Schoeller-Dynatec. Meanwhile, the lower chamber is made with supple kangaroo leather that offers incredible tactile feedback, and a plastic knuckle hard shell with impact-absorbing foam gives your essential joints plenty of cushioning.

Check it out at Revzilla

Women’s ADV/Touring Gloves Over 30% Off

Dainese Desert Poon D1 Gloves

Dainese Desert Poon D1 Gloves

Regular Price: $54.95, Sale Price: $38.47 (30% Off)

We’re not saying you should do the Dakar Rally in these things, but if you’re looking for a budget-friendly pair of gloves that will keep your hands comfortable even in sweltering desert temperatures, Dainese has given you at least one terrific option. Made from breathable elasticated textiles with slide-resistant suede palms, the Desert Poon D1 Gloves offer excellent ventilation and comfort.

Reflective inserts also help you stay visible while riding, and smart-touch index fingers make it easier to use your devices without removing the gloves. Just make sure you pull your bike over first!

Check it out at Revzilla

Spidi G-Flash Women’s Gloves

Spidi G Flash Womens Gloves

Regular Price: $39.90, Sale Price: $27.93 (30% Off)

Another warmer-weather offering, these versatile textile gloves are made from Clarino microfibre and come with vented inserts to keep your hands cool—even on the hottest days of the year.

Full disclosure: these aren’t the gloves you want if you’re planning a cross-country motorcycle trip, but they’re awesome for ripping around fields or light trails on your adventure bike (especially during nice weather). And for just $28, they’re currently a steal.

Check it out at Revzilla

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