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Check out this Radical XSCI1 futuristic motorcycle concept

Motorcycle design is something that has always eluded me. Growing up, I always loved to draw and imagine wild and crazy motorcycles I could only dream would come into existence. I’ve always been kind of the artistic type, and found myself pretty capable of expressing my imagination on a blank canvas. However, I never really pursued it for whatever reason.

Be that as it may, I find myself ogling at the work of motorcycle and automotive designers. I guess you could say I live vicariously through the work of these artists. Thankfully, there are lots of extremely talented designers with a knack for breathing life into ideas—at least in the virtual space. Such is the case with this outlandish motorcycle concept dubbed the XSCI1. At a glance, this strange four-wheeled motorcycle looks extremely advanced. So advanced, in fact, that it’s unlikely to ever become a reality—in the physical world, at least. The bike, however, looks like a perfect fit in the set of a sci-fi movie or futuristic video game.

In Ulan Bator, Mongolia, Munkhjin Otgonbayar created the XSCI1. He describes himself as a 3D concept artist, which means that his creations are not constrained by the rules of physics. Therefore, his ideas are not design studies for industry, which need to be completely functionally conceivable before they can be eventually turned into actual products. They simply need to perform on the screen, perhaps in animated movies, virtual reality, or video games.

This is true of the XSCI1 motorcycle depiction, which runs on hubless, extra-wide twin wheels with an entirely new suspension system yet allegedly still includes a combustion engine and exhaust pipe. As if riding that wasn’t challenging enough, nitrous oxide may be activated using levers on both handlebar grips. This would at least give a temporary boost, albeit exactly how much is up to our imagination.

Check Out This Radical XSCI1 Futuristic Motorcycle Concept
Check Out This Radical XSCI1 Futuristic Motorcycle Concept

Now, thanks to Russian animator Yuriy Mamontov, the XSCI1 comes to life in the virtual space in this animation. Now, I’m not a gamer myself, but a concept vehicle of such capability will certainly be appreciated by the right audience—and hey, with technology surrounding virtual reality getting more and more realistic by the minute, maybe we’ll actually be able to ride this radical, futuristic motorcycle.

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