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Aston Martin will take ‘best of all’ as new F1 recruits join

Green admits that the Silverstone outfit had become too insular in its Force India and Racing Point days as it rarely recruited from outside and didn’t have the resources with which to expand.

He says that the plan is to combine the team’s established engineering talent pool with input from former Red Bull and Mercedes staff members to create an “Aston Martin way of working”.

Last year Aston Martin announced a string of new hirings, including former Red Bull Racing men Dan Fallows and Andrew Alessi, Eric Blandin from Mercedes, and Luca Furbatto from Alfa Romeo.

Fallows won’t take up his technical director role until April and Blandin is also still on gardening leave. However, head of technical operations Alessi, engineering director Furbatto and other new recruits are already working under Green.

“I think it’s been mentioned before, it’s a five-year plan that we’re on to deliver a championship contending car,” Green said when asked about the new structure by Motorsport.com.

“And when we look at the way the team needs to be structured in order to achieve that, it’s clear that you need to invest in two things. You need to invest in the people and the tools. So we went about bolstering.

“We know we’ve got a lot of good people here. But they need more support, because we need to do more, effectively. We need more development, more R+D, in order to out develop the top teams to be able to compete with them. Simple as that. That’s the reason why we went looking.”

Green says that as chief technical officer he has taken an overview of the expanded structure.

“I am able now to take more of a step back, and start to look at the bigger picture of how do we achieve this goal, what do we need, who are the people that we need to support the current workforce? And look at questions regarding experience and where they come from.

“Do we want to bring experience from another team and bring that new way of thinking, or alternative way of thinking into the team, because we have been quite insular for quite a long time?

“That’s true. We haven’t been able to expand, we haven’t really been able to encourage people from other teams to join us, so we built up our own way of working.

“And I think now we want to take our way of working, we want to combine it with what we understand the way other teams are working, and turn it into the Aston Martin way of working.

“That’s the strategy, that’s why it’s good to have experience from other teams, because we can just gel it altogether, and we’ll pick the best of all of them.

“That’s the way that we look at it, and that’s the way that we want to go forward to try and become a championship-contending team in a few years’ time.”

Green also confirmed that Mike Krack, who was announced as team principal last month, has yet to start work at Silverstone.

“I’m really happy with the new senior leadership team with Martin [Whitmarsh] and Mike,” he said. “I can see us working well together. Mike hasn’t started yet. So it’s difficult to comment too much on him.

“But I think Mike’s got a rich and varied background in motorsport. I’ve met him a few times. He seems like a really nice guy. He’s worked in F1 before. So I’m looking forward to the future.

“And great confidence in Mike and Martin in putting together the team that’s required to deliver our ambitions in the coming years.”

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