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Amalgam Is Auctioning Off Its Hidden Treasures

Amalgam is known for making model cars that come with exquisite details. Its model cars are pricey as well, which makes them a choice for serious collectors and owners who want a miniature version of their prized vehicle.

But some of the company’s creations don’t exactly reach ‘for sale’ status. Some were shelved for various reasons, while some projects were less visible for commercial partners.

Fortunately, Amalgam decides to unearth some of these rare projects and cast them off for auction at Catawiki. Here’s your chance to own some of the company’s hidden treasures – all new and in their original boxes.

Bugatti Galibier (1:8)

Introduced in 2009, the Bugatti 16C Galibier Concept is a rare creation by the French marque – so rare that it didn’t reach production because the executives at the VW Group didn’t like the design. This scale model of the four-door Bugatti was an approval prototype for a batch of just 16 pieces that all went to Bugatti and its design team.

Talbot-Lago T150C SS by Figoni and Fallaschi (1:12)

Amalgam Hidden Projects Model Car Auction At Catawiki

The Talbot-Lago T150C Super Sport is a rare car to come by these days even if you have the cash, more so the ‘Goutte d’Eau’ bodied by Figoni and Falaschi. Only 14 examples of the special version of the T150C were ever made, valued at $5 million each.

But here’s your chance to own one, albeit on a 1:12 scale. Commissioned from Amalgam by Louis Vuitton, this model car is the approval prototype for the 200 pieces sent to the luxury fashion house.

McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo (1:8)

Amalgam Hidden Projects Model Car Auction At Catawiki Ulterior Future Livery

Amalgam Hidden Projects Model Car Auction At Catawiki Noir de Noir

Made for the Gran Turismo Sport video game in 2017, the McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo was a design study for a future race car, with aerodynamic elements applied to the McLaren Senna.

Available in two colors, only 40 scale models were ever made, each coming with a plaque signed by designers Rob Melville and Alex Alexiev.

Bugatti EB110 LM (1:8)

Amalgam Hidden Projects Model Car Auction At Catawiki

Following a lengthy 55-year absence at the 24 Hour of Le Mans, the Bugatti EB110 is the automaker’s entry in 1994. It didn’t end well for the race car despite its stellar performance during practice. Thankfully, this 1:8 scale model immortalizes the legendary race car.

Audi R8 – 2005 Le Mans Winner (1:8)

Amalgam Hidden Projects Model Car Auction At Catawiki

This Audi R8 is another Le Mans participant, though it’s more successful than the EB110 above. However, it was the very first modern era Le Mans car Amalgam produced. With the company’s new partnership with ACO – 24 Hours of Le Mans, this 1:8 scale model was dusted off and put out for auction.

Mercedes F800 Hybrid Concept (1:10)

Amalgam Hidden Projects Model Car Auction At Catawiki

Introduced at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, the Mercedes F800 Hybrid Concept Car was a precursor to the automaker’s hybrid technologies, as well as a design study for the CLS and SLS cars that followed.

Only 12 scale models were created – 11 of which were sent to Mercedes. This particular example was the approval prototype.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale – Rosso Mugello (1:8)

Amalgam Hidden Projects Model Car Auction At Catawiki

An Amalgam Ferrari scale model isn’t exactly new, but this particular SF90 Stradale is unique. It was created specially in collaboration with Ferrari for publication in the Official Ferrari Magazine. Created with an unusual specification, its purpose is to explain how a bespoke model is created, step by step.

Nissan GT-R (1:8)

Amalgam Hidden Projects Model Car Auction At Catawiki

Amalgam considered the Nissan GT-R as an “awkward brand placement” in 2007. Only 19 scale models were ever made. But since the GT-R has become commercially successful, four models that were archived were dusted off and restored. This is one of three perfect models that were prepared for this auction.

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