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2022 Ford Everest: Ranger-based SUV teased ahead of Mar. 1 debut

Ford is set to unveil its redesigned Everest on March 1, the automaker has confirmed.

The Everest is a three-row, mid-size SUV based on the updated T6 body-on-frame platform that debuted in the Bronco and also underpinning the redesigned Ranger pickup expected in showrooms later this year as a 2023 model.

Could we also see the Everest in showrooms? While prototypes have been spotted near Ford’s headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, it’s doubtful the SUV will be sold locally. The previous generation also wasn’t sold here.

Sure, the Everest would make a great alternative to the similar Toyota 4Runner, and even the Bronco which is limited to two rows, though Ford may be concerned about it eating into Explorer sales. It’s more likely Ford offers the Everest in markets where the Bronco isn’t available, which at present is pretty much everywhere outside of North America.

2022 Ford Everest teased ahead of debut on March 1, 2022

2022 Ford Everest teased ahead of debut on March 1, 2022

2022 Ford Everest teased ahead of debut on March 1, 2022

New Ford Ranger (Global model)

New Ford Ranger (Global model)

Judging by the teaser footage and our own spy shots of prototypes, the Everest’s front-end styling will mostly be a match with its pickup counterpart. Unique elements appear to be the designs for the grille and intakes, and of course the rear section.

Expect the interior design to be a match, too. This means a digital instrument cluster and a portrait-style touchscreen (10.1 or 12 inches) in the center stack. A surround-view camera should be available, along with various driver-assist features.

Powertrains should also be shared with the Ranger. Ford is yet to confirm powertrains for the redesigned pickup truck, though we know there will be turbocharged inline-4 and V-6 options, including diesel options in some markets. We can also expect a 6- or 7-speed manual to be standard and a 10-speed automatic to be available.

A high-performance Ranger Raptor with a twin-turbocharged V-6 is planned (a Bronco Raptor has already been revealed with a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V-6), and the vehicle’s mechanical setup could filter across to a potential Everest Raptor, though Ford is quiet on the matter. A hybrid option is expected in the new Ranger at some point, and this too could potentially be an option for the Everest. Stay tuned for the reveal.

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