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10 model and toy trucks for your Black Friday shopping list

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. In my youth, that meant poring over the pages of the Sears Christmas Wish Book, skipping straight to the toy section. But with no Wish Book or Sears to be had, that leaves trucknews.com to once again identify the top trucking toys of the year.

Without further ado, and just in time for Black Friday shopping, we sourced a few toy and model trucks that could find a welcome home under any tree.

(Photo: Lego)

Lego’s heavy-duty tow truck

With 2,017 individual pieces, the Lego Technic heavy-duty tow truck will engage budding truckers and OEM engineers for hours. Features include a rotating crane arm, winch, outriggers and boom. And did I mention the boom will lift and extend with three pneumatic functions? Open the hood and you’ll even find a six-cylinder engine with moving pistons. Once completed, it measures a full 58 cm long. Just keep the pieces off the floor. You don’t want Santa to step on one of them.

(Photo: Hasbro)

Tonka retro classic steel mighty dump truck

For those of a certain vintage (such as balding editorial types who work for trucking magazines), memories of toy trucks begin with a bright yellow Tonka. Tired of toys that don’t stand the test of time? This vintage version is made with steel and will take a beating when hauling things like … well, what wouldn’t you load in the back end of this beast? The bed moves up and down for unloading.

(Photo: Mattel)

Disney Pixar Cars launching Mack transporter

Why settle with one toy when you can have a truck that will carry multiple toys? Mattel has created a Mack transporter that will carry a pair of die-cast cars from Disney’s Cars – McQueen and Ramone, to be precise — and unload them across an extendible ramp. There’s room for 16 die-cast cars overall.

Driven By Battat
(Photo: Battat)

Pocket transport by Driven

Driven by Battat offers a car carrier that will haul up to 12 Pocket Series containers or 24 Pocket Series vehicles. The cars can be launched through the front of the truck. “Just put a toy car through the rear hatch, press the button on the roof, then watch it zoom out!” Admittedly that’s not exactly realistic. Where did that engine go? But what does it matter? You’ll be adding the “vroom-vroom” sounds as you haul it across the floor, anyway.

Optimus Prime toy
(Photo: Hasbro)

Ultra Class Optimus Prime action figure

It’s a toy. It’s a truck. It’s a freaking robot! Hasbro’s collection of Transformers toys includes the Ultra Class Optimus Prime action figure, preparing to help anyone battle the Decepticons … as long as they’re at least six years old. The 7.5-inch figure transforms from a robot to vehicle in 12 steps. The last step includes a “Bash Attack” move.

toy intermodal container
(Photo: Tamiya)

1/14 Tamiya intermodal container

Tired of waiting for intermodal containers to unload at the port? Tamiya has a scale model of a Maersk intermodal container that can be coupled to its 1/14-scale remote-controlled Tractor Truck Series. Features include an aluminum frame with ABS panels, and the container can be detached from the chassis that features a realistic spring suspension. This one is for serious hobbyists with deep pockets, though. The MSRP is listed on the website as $804.

Revell model
(Photo: Revell)

Revell 1/25 Peterbilt 359 conventional tractor

Revell established itself as one of the leading names in models. And I think some of the model glue is still lining my fingertips to this day. This 1/25 model of a Peterbilt 359 features a tilting hood to display a Caterpillar engine, and chrome-plated parts including the grille, fuel tanks, simulated alloy wheels, and exhaust stacks. Want to add the finishing touches? There are decals of stripes, licence plates, and even fuel tax stickers.

Rokr truck puzzle
(Photo: Rokr)

ROKR heavy truck MC502

Rokr’s wooden models take all forms, and this 1:40 scale model is the company’s contribution to the open road. Measuring 8.81 inches long, its 286 pieces are carved out of a laser-cut wood sheet, and can reportedly be assembled in four to five hours. But I do wonder how a couple of eggnogs can affect that timeline.

wooden truck plan
(Photo: Lee Valley)

Toy Kenworth dump truck plan

Ever look at a toy truck and think, “I could do better than that!” Toys and Joys will put the plan in motion. The business has been producing patterns for wooden toys since 1982, and this 18-inch Kenworth dump truck promises that it “dumps like the real thing”. Some woodworking required. And hey, if the final product is done in time, you might find an opening at Santa’s workshop.

Bruder toy truck
(Photo: Bruder)

Bruder UPS truck with forklift

Many of these toys will be delivered by courier. If it happens to be coming via UPS, why not add a UPS truck to the mix? This model Mack Granite from Bruder Toys comes complete with its own Moffett forklift for loading the cargo. Want to change the container? Pull it out, extend the outriggers, and drive the truck away.

Do you have other toys to add to the list? Consider leaving them in the comments below.

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